Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Prodigal--Sept 3-5

From the Prodigal website:

On six starry, late summer nights, an extraordinary retelling of an age-old tale will unfold in Forest Park. At the surface is a fully integrated art experience, embodied by original music, dynamic light, mise-en-scène and an ensemble of dancers. And at the core is a stirring reflection on the paradoxes of life.

An unprecendented fusion of movement, music, and media that explores the parable about family and self-discovery.

Original work created and directed by Tom Brady, ANNONYArts consortium artist. Choreographed by Monica Newsam and Tom Brady.

Performances will begin at 8:30pm. It is advised to bring lawn chairs and blankets for seating.
In the event of rain or storms, the performance may be delayed up to 1 hour. If the weather persists, that evening's performance will be cancelled.

All performances will take place at Shakespeare Glen in Forest Park. I don't have any information as to whether or not this performance will be family-friendly, so please use discretion when taking children.


Jane said...

One of my friends is dancing in this. We had talked about taking the kids, she didn't say it would not be family friendly....

Courtney said...

Thanks for letting us know, Jane! Sometimes I can't tell from the wording and images on the ads, and since this one starts pretty late (although just at dusk which makes sense) I didn't want to mislead anyone if it isn't family friendly. Good to know it is! :)

Steve O. said...

For sure bring the kids! My fiancee is dancing in this piece and she has expressed that it will be enjoyable for anyone to see. It is visually appealing and will be sure to capture a child's attention as well.