Thursday, September 10, 2009

Polish festival--Sept 11-12

It is apparently the month for festivals!

Explore your Polish heritage at the Polish festival held Saturday and Sunday at the Polish Falcons Gardens (2013 St. Louis Avenue). There will be authentic Polish food and pastries as well as music and games. A Polka band will provide music Friday and Saturday night from 6:30-10:30pm (which means you're sure to see some great dancing!).

The festival is open for lunch on Friday from 11am-1pm and then dinner will be served from 4-7:30pm. Lunch/dinner will be served on Saturday from noon to 7pm. I don't have any information on the cost of the meals but I assume there is a charge for food.


Anonymous said...

exactly what days is the festival on? Sept. 11-12 is a Sunday and Monday not the weekend! then it goes on to talk about lunch and dinner being served on Friday and Saturday but no mention of Sunday meals!! I am so confused!1

Anonymous said...

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