Thursday, September 17, 2009

Great Forest Park Balloon Glow--Sept 18

If you've never made it to the Great Forest Park Balloon Glow and Balloon Race, now is your chance! This is a fun-filled weekend that kids and adults love. The balloons are beautiful, both at night and during the day, and it's fun to pick a favorite and cheer it on!

The Balloon Race weekend starts with the Balloon Glow on Friday night from 7-9:45pm. This event offers spectators a breathtaking view of inflated balloons lighted by their burners. You can get up close and walk around the balloons (last year one of my sons even got to sit in a balloon!). Food and trinkets are available for purchase but if you're on a budget I'd recommend eating before you go. The event will conclude with a fireworks display beginning at approximately 9pm.

Please note that just like last year, the Balloon Glow is no longer a drive-through event. It will be held on the same field (Central Field between the Jewel Box and Steinberg Rink) as the Saturday race.

On Saturday, head to the fields again to watch the balloons lift off! I'll make a separate post detailing the schedule for race day.

For more information, call 314-993-2901 or visit the Balloon Glow website.

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