Saturday, January 16, 2010

Family Sundays at the St Louis Art Museum--Jan 17

Come check out free Family Sundays every Sunday in January at the St Louis Art Museum!

This month it’s all about beautiful things to wear. From elaborate gold jewelry to stiff neck ruffs, or boldly patterned cloth to finely etched armor, each fashionable item tells a story. See some of the "must-haves" from throughout the ages and create an artful fashion statement of your own. Family Sundays run from 1-4pm in the Sculpture Hall.

For more information see the St Louis Art Museum website or call 314-721-0072.


Lisa @ Simply Things Family said...

I glad you are back. Missed ya. I hope everything is well.

Courtney said...

Thanks. It's been a bit crazy but I'm hoping to be more consistent from here on out!