Thursday, November 19, 2009

Macy's Holiday Festival of Lights--Nov 20

It's the start of the Christmas decorating season with Macy's Holiday Festival of Lights!

On November 20 at 6:30pm, Christmas lights are simultaneously turned on in downtown St. Louis and downtown Clayton for the official start of the holiday season. Special holiday activities starting at 4:30pm and a fireworks display after the lighting will be held at each location (Kiener Plaza in downtown St. Louis and Memorial Park in the St. Louis County Government Center in Clayton). Concluding the event in Kiener Plaza after the fireworks display will be a walking procession led by Santa up 7th Street to Macy's for the unveiling of the holiday windows.


Amber said...

Does Macy's in Downtown St. Louis really have the holiday windows this year? I was there last night at their Holiday Open House and didn't see anything that indicated they had the holiday windows. Do you know any more than I do?

C said...

I don't know, Amber. I haven't been down there, but that's what's listed on one of the websites with info on it. If they didn't unveil them on the 20th, I'm guessing they're not doing it this year although I can't imagine why not.