Friday, November 21, 2008

Anheuser-Busch brewery lights--Nov 21-Jan 2

The Anheuser-Busch Brewery Christmas Lights display opens on Friday, Nov. 21, and runs through January 2, 2009. Over 800,000 lights give a festive glow to the brewery on Pestalozzi St.

In fact, nearly all of the spectacular lights are placed on the grounds along Pestalozzi Street. The atmosphere is private, and under the cover of darkness, this area provides fertile ground for anyone planning a romantic evening.

The buildings along Pestalozzi are lined with a single strand of lights, making them look more primitive than they really are. The simplicity of this design allows for the complexity of the tree designs to shine through, literally. Each of the trees appears to have been caught in a perfectly woven spider web. Though the web is made of red or white Christmas lights, instead of a spider's silk, the symmetry and complexity of the designs are still mesmerizing.

To get to the brewery, take Grand south to Interstate 44 east, merge onto Interstate 55 south, take exit 206C, turn left onto Arsenal, left onto 12th Street, right onto Lynch, and right onto 9th Street. That runs into Pestalozzi Street.

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